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Change WordPress Password Without Email Access

Change WordPress Password Without Email Access

Some times we forget password, but the worst is when we also lose access to our email. This was something that one of my client experienced recently. I want to share the method with every one so next time this happens don’t worry as long as you have access to cPanel just follow the steps below and access your site in no time.


  1. Open wp-config.php and find DB_NAME (Database name).
  2. Go to phpMyAdmin and click on the database name.
  3. Click on wp-users and you will see list of all users.
  4. Click on edit for which user you want to change the password.
  5. You will see that user_pass is encrypted.
  6. Navigate to MD5 Encryption website, enter your new password in box and encrypt it.
  7. Now copy and paste the encrypted password in user_pass then click on Go to save.
  8. That’s All! go to your wp-admin and new password will work.


Note: You can also change email and then reset password from wp admin panel 😉

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